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 UniKey DRIVE - Overview

A variation of the PRO model
1st driverless dongle with mass storage and a smartcard
A secure flash memory for deliver software and its license

UniKey Drive, an innovative USB device that allows software vendors to protect, license and deliver their software applications, drivers and data to end-users using a single USB key. By combining hardware protection and software licensing into one solution, UniKey Drive empowers software vendors with the flexibility to choose the level of protection and licensing that best fits their budget and business needs.
UniKey Drive key arms software vendors with the ability to easily deliver fully-licensed and protected software – greatly reducing installation steps for end-users. The licenses are stored inside the smartcard with highest security, UniKey Drive enables software publishers to grow their business through software protection, IP protection and secure licensing. 
With UniKey Drive, vendors can use partitioning software to provide mass storage for their end-users. This provides significant flexibility, allowing software vendors to partition the key in any way, designating space for the software (ROM) and mass storage for the end user – they can store their own application data files. Additionally, UniKey Drive’s auto-run software setup capabilities allow end-users to run the protected application directly from the UniKey Drive USB key, adding even further convenience for the end-user.

See the users guide DriveInit for see how to manage the mass storage partitions.


Password Protected Flash Drive

Smartcard - based

Secure Data Storage

Hidden Data Storage

Network Function

Extremely Thin Casing

Customized Logo Etching


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