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Protect your software and increase your incomes with the new technology without driver for protect your software and manage your numerics right (DRM).

IOLock provide UniKey products, and copy protection products. Unikey products were augmented by the introduction of driverless UniKey Dongles that maintained the same high level of security by means of a small hardware key that fitted into the user's USB port. The innovative design of these devices enabled them to be much easier and less expensive than those of our competitors.

Whether you are new to the idea of Dongle security or knowledgeable about the potential benefits - IOLock is your trusted partner delivering the right amount of protection for you and your company. 

is a perfect solution for your softwares.



Unikey Mini STD

Unikey STD

Unikey PRO 

Unikey TIME


Unikey DRIVE

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